Why did I not say that to them/her/him? What prevented you from going to action?

Most of the time it is fear of rejection.

You fear that you as a person will be rejected or that what you are going to say will be rejected.

How can you get over your fears regarding all sorts of communication with all sorts of people in all sorts of situations?

That is what you will learn here.

You can see the results as you go along 😊

AND of course the sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss😊 what ever that means?? 

Well, you will find out as you go along here on this site.





Here you have few useful tricks.

Start with telling yourself: “look these people or this person or this group, they are just humans, they have the same needs as I have, amongst other things they also have to go to the …….. and …….”! 

Make a picture of what ever you see and what suits you, that we all have to go to. 

Then visualize that special situation. Close your eyes, see the situation and ask yourself: 

  1. Which colors do I see?
  2. Can I smell anything?
  3. Can I hear anything?
  4. Can I taste anything?
  5. Can I touch anything and feel the texture of that which I can touch?

Doing this, using your five senses you will amplify the emotions of the picture in your head and it gives momentum to you to overcome your fears.

Talk loud to yourself: “yes X also has to go to the…………. just like me and all the others”.

Let say you visualized that your X went to the kitchen and was eating. Or if it is a group you are ging to talk with, pick one person and visualize her/him in the situation. Whilst eating, if it is a group or person that you feel extra scared of talking with, then visualize that they spill their food and drinks all over themselves. Make it an embarrassing situation and feel how your fear of talking with them, subsides, as you start to giggle!

Keep that giggle feeling and pictuer with you, ALWAYS  when you have to communicate with someone you fear or a situation you fear. 

Just feel the giggely butterflies in your stomach, thinking of the situation.

When you have new and other person or groups to communicate with, just put another person into you inner picture and repeat the visualization.

You see, your brain thinks that you ARE in the situation you visualize.

Repeating it will train that specific neural path and your emotions will set you into the calm modus which will give you the clarity you need.

Little by little you will understand that you are just as important as those you are communicating with. 

They all have the same needs as you have, they are not different from you when it comes down to the nitty gritty. 

A king or a beggar, we are equally important! 

You stand on your platform, and they stand on theirs, but on the same level. 

Interchanging information from there, understanding the separation, is the a good start for clarity of speech and of course adding your heartfelt compassion when you communicate.

A few deep ssssss:es (yes yes I will show you :) and a smile on your lips (remembering the inner picture in your head) you will have a clear voice, the correct words, an upright body posture and you will be perceived in an open and strong manner by the other part.




Sitting on the edge, here at Preikestolen in Rogaland in Southwest of Norway, 600 m over the sea level is quite a scary feeling. 

Communicating with one person or a group of people or thousands, can be just as scary, IF YOU ALLOW IT TO BE SCARY. 


Just imagine you are on the same edge, not below nor above but your space is not their space. You operate from different platforms, so to say.

I once used to have fear of heights - but now I just get hold of my inner picture and sssssss and then I am calm again and can communicate in a clear way.


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