How the Potenisa Method came about

It started with, that I did not want different things that happened in my life. 

I needed to find out how could I change that, which did not serve me any more. 

Instead of going to therapy, I found out that I wanted to find something that both could help me and give me an education.

I wanted to use that knowledge in the future for my clients and pupils at my Physiotherapy and UHM®Pilates clinic/studio, where I helped dancers with their injuries and training as well as Mrs and Mr. Smith and supervising clients.

In 1999 I found what I was looking for, an education in Neuro Linguistic Programming =NLP.

My heart jumped with joy, this is exactly what I needed and wanted.

The first step was NLP Practitioner.   

One year later I took the next level and became a NLP Master Practitioner.

This was back in 2001. 

First I used the new knowledge with my clients who came for physiotherapy. 

These clients received mental and emotional exercises besides physiotherapy treatment. 

In addition they were taught how to deal with their pains and physical dysfunctions through a change of their mindset with the NLP tools I had.

I also used my knowledge when I taught my pupils at the main Ballet College in Norway (KHIO) where I worked for 31 years as an associate professor, teaching functional dance anatomy.

In other words, I added the NLP knowledge to all my knowledge from before, about anatomy, the body and mind,  the results were stunning!

Number one for the clients, was to learn to communicate with their inner dialogue in such a manner that they started to lead themselves on to a path where they felt that they could be true to themselves. 

I taught them how to lead themselves in different situations, so that they also could communicate in their daily life, without fear of the consequences of their message.

If you can lead your self - you feel secure - if you feel secure  you become calm - your wording - your voice - your body language - all will be in place and your communication will be listened to.

Being a good leader is related to both your private life and your business, your job.

Having a good social life, a friendly appearance towards strangers, being able to listen to people, being able to forgive, being able to decide, being able to sometimes “shut up”, being able to give and take -ALL THAT IS BEING A GOOD LEADER. 

A good leader can listen and smile because they follow the voice of their heart.

When I started to develop the Potensia® Method I saw that soft skills were sought after in businesses, like: Empathy, Emotional self-awareness. Emotional self-control, Teamwork, creating an Inspirational leadership, taking out the potential of yourself and your team through applying the use of Emotional Intelligence. .

Everything I worked with,  gave me the knowledge I needed to create the Potensia® Method.

The best of it all is, I love helping people to find their communication skills to walk on the path of their choice, through using the techniques and tools given in the courses of the Potensia® Method. 



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