How the Potenisa Method came about

It started with that I needed to find out who I was after a very tough and sad divorce after 25 years of marriage and 2 children. What was my part in this divorce, how could I change that which would not serve me in the future? 

Instead of going to therapy, I found out that I wanted to find something that both could help me and give me an education.

I wanted to use that knowledge in the future for my clients and pupils at my Physiotherapy and UHM®Pilates clinic/studio, where I helped dancers with their injuries and training as well as Mrs and Mr. Smith.

One day a lady walked in through the door at the clinic. She had been recommended to contact me because she heard that I was the best to treat, what she needed help with. I gave her an appointment and she came back the following week.

The first thing she said was: “you really are a very unique person with a special light around you, I can see why you have helped so many people”.

I thought, wauw, she does not even know me, but she seems to know a lot about me.

Later I found out, through talking to Torill Elise, that she somehow just had a very strong intuition about me, in many ways.

She asked me if I wanted to help her with serving lunch and fixing the kitchen, for the people coming to her leadership training program in NLP Practitioner. 

She said I could take part in the very expensive program, for free. My heart jumped with joy, this is exactly what I needed and wanted and Torill saw and felt that!

One year later I did the same thing taking the certificate in the advanced leadership training course of NLP Master practitioner, for free.

This was back in 2001. What a gift!

I used the new knowledge first on my clients who came for physiotherapy. 

The pain in their bodies disappearded, they received mental and emotional exercises. They were taught how to change their mindsets for the benefit of their potential and wishes, if their inner being agreed. 

In other words, I added the NLP knowledge to all my knowledge from before, about the body and the mind and the results were stunning.

Number one for the clients, was to learn to communicate with their inner dialogue in such a manner that they started to lead themselves on to a path where they felt that they could be true to themselves. 

To do that you need to listen to your heart, your emotions, not only to your head or what all the others are saying.

Because, how can you become a good leader if you can not lead your self? 

Being a good leader is not only related to business, but also to your private life.

Having a family, means that you have to be a good leader. Having a good social life, a friendly appearance towards strangers, being able to listen to people, being able to forgive, being able to decide, being able to sometimes “shut up”, being able to give and take Love from others.


A good leader can listen and smile because their heart feeling is following their footsteps, all the time and they follow thei voice of their heart.

This started to be talked and written about,  people and companies  took contact and so I started to learn more both about the body, the brain and psychology to be able to give the best of that which was needed, to them, my clients and my pupils.

 Keep in mind, that at the same time I was also working as an associate professor of anatomy and teaching UHM® Pilates. 

Everything I worked with,  gave me the knowledge I needed to create the Potensia® Method.

The best of it all is, I love helping people to find their path through using the techniques and tools given in the cources of the Potensia® Method. 



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