Everybody knows that to be able to be a good leader you need to practice to lead yourself, first of all.

Everybody knows as well, that to become a good communicator you need first of all to practice to communicate with your inner dialogue.         Your self talk, which will strengthen your mind and emotions and give you the mindset you need to stand strong in all weathers.

Remember, we are all leaders in our lives. 

Leading yourself first and then step out into the situations that life challenges you with.

A person with a sound mind will always strive for to be kind and open and flexible.

Build your courage, your strength, your knowledge and your skills, brick by brick with your colors.

Of course you have lots of skills from before, but here I can help you to you add more bricks and your wall of skills will get stronger and bigger.

Just imagine, there was this little wall– before you decided to build your communication skills, because if you have them you will be able to grow as a person in all surroundings and realms of your life.

What you do here, is to build the wall on solid ground, being persistent, consistent and curious and it will grow.

You build something for you, for your life. I can not do it for you but I can tell you how to do it and I know you will succeed if you do it.

When you have built your wall, you will know which color you want to paint the white wall with.

The fun with building brick by brick is that you understand so much more how communication, brain, body, self-leading and leadership are interrelated.

Once you know, it seems obvious and very logical.

The fun with this method is that you kind of play a game, and you can use it immediately, hands-on.



BRICK BY BRICK                                                                                                                                                                                 YOU PAINT IT IN YOUR COLOR


It is common knowledge that to be able to build a sustainable wall it is smart to use bricks, as that allows a little movement within the structure.  

If an old brick needs to be replaced it is possible to do so. 

Everybody knows that to brighten up the place where the wall is built, color will make it shine. 

We do not all like the same color, we all have our favourite colors.

You see, the metaphor of the bricks also applies to all our lives.

Just think of it,  you have, brick by brick built the life you have lived, so far. Yes, and there has been movement, hopefully.

Sometimes you did have to change a brick and even the color of your wall. 


As you are here reading this, I suppose you want to go on building your wall and paint it in your color.

The beauty of using the tools you will receive here, is that although the tools are the same, there will not be a single wall that looks like any other, because we all have different backgrounds and different experiences, which will color our personal wall.

When you are rooted/grounded/down to earth, call it what you like and you have found your inner calm space which will give you clear thoughts, then you can find the bricks to build your wall with.

How does all this relate to communication and self-leading ?

The answer is: when you have learned how to communicate with yourself, through your inner dialogue.  Your mind is “selftalking” in such a way that you are able to lead yourself to where you want to go, THEN  it is easy to communicate with the outside world in all situations.

To be able to communicate in an honest manner with yourself you have to want to be true to yourself.

To be able to be true to yourself you need to ask your heart/ your emotions what you really feel when …………………………………?

To filter your thought through your heart, as I call it, THEN you will get the question or the answer that has the color of compassion as you have turned on your little flame in your heart, your flame of empathy for those you want to, ought to, are going to communicate with.

That flame will automatically turn on your ability to use your Emotional Intelligence your EI, some call it EQ. 

No, No you do not become a soft slippery someone. 

Using your EI will open the doors of the others because you show them that you actually are listening and you do genuinly want to do what needs to be done.

You will be looked upon as a strong, firm and present person.

This requires repetition , persistence and consistency, a mindset where you never give up because you know you can reach your goal - 


Leading a big corporation, a medium or small business, a family, the childrens sportsteam, it requires the same skills if you want success!



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